The NYSMBA aims to conduct its affairs in an open and transparent way to avoid any misunderstandings and rumours. It is therefore our policy to publish all minutes as soon as they have been verified and agreed by the Management Committee. The intention is to do this within a week of the meeting taking place. These minutes are technically “drafts” until they are fully ratified and signed at a subsequent meeting. However historically, changes to the drafts are rare so can be read with confidence that they accurately reflect the business conducted.

Minutes from the ESMBA and NESMBA AGMs will also be published as soon as they are received.

NESMBA AGM June 14th 2020
NYSMBA ManCom35 tba
ESMBA AGM & RRM July 6th 2019 Minutes are awaited
NESMBA AGM June 9th 2019 MinutesNESMBA-AGM-2019
NYSMBA 34th ManCom
July 2nd 2019
Minutes ManCom34
NYSMBA 28th AGM April 26th 2019 Minutes AGM28
NYSMBA 33rd ManCom
April 15th 2019
Minutes ManCom33
NYSMBA 32nd ManCom January 25th 2019 Minutes ManCom32
NYSMBA 31st ManCom October 20th 2018 Minutes ManCom31
NYSMBA 30th ManCom May 22nd 2018 Minutes ManCom30
NYSMBA 27th AGM April 27th 2018 Minutes AGM27
NYSMBA 29th ManCom January 26th 2018 MinutesManCom29
NYSMBA 28th ManCom September 23rd 2017 MinutesManCom28
NYSMBA 27th ManCom July 13th 2017 MinutesManCom27
NYSMBA 26th AGM April 28 2017 MinutesAGM26

To view any minutes from earlier dates please contact the Secretary