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“Bowls for all”

David Newsome

Who needs 2 legs!!

Francis Boatman

The Association was formed in 1991 and exists to foster and encourage participation in the sport amongst our members and to offer advice and guidance to our members, clubs and leagues on matters that relate to our sport. We also represent the interests of our members at meetings of the northern (NESMBA) and national (ESMBA) Associations of the sport.

Our Management Committee (ManCom) consists of 10 Officers and is elected annually to run the Association. They meet as necessary to review progress and discuss issues. Together with one representative from each member club they form the General Committee which is only convened if there are key policy decisions that need the agreement of the wider membership. Wherever possible business is conducted by email discussions. An AGM is held at the end of the season in April/May.

Our activities in summary are to…….

  • Organize annual county-wide Championship competitions in 7 disciplines
  • Select players for the annual Northern England Championships at Barnard Castle
  • Organize qualifying heats on behalf of the ESMBA for the 7 annual National Finals
  • Organize the Little Cup
  • Select and manage 3 County Teams
  • Produce an annual printed Handbook (discontinued in 2020)
  • Maintain and manage this website primarily for the benefit and interest of members
  • Keep records of historical information

Our basic income is derived from the annual membership fees levied on each club. These cover the fixed general running costs of the Association and also affiliation to both the ESMBA and the NESMBA. Additional income is generated by endeavoring to ensure that all activities that we organize are run to produce a surplus.