The teams for all Inter-County games in both the ESMBA ICC and the NESMBA league are made up of 20 players who compete as 2 Singles, 2 Pairs, 2 Triple and 2 Fours.
Additionally, the ESMBA run a Rinks competition which requires a team of 16 competing as 4 Fours only.

The Galtres Centre – Easingwold – North Yorkshire’s home venue

North Yorkshire has been playing inter-county games since 1992 when a single team was entered into the ESMBA Northern Zone (now NESMBA) Inter-County league.

In 2007, a second team, the B team was launched and finally in 2013 the C team was created.

In 2013 the A team moved out of the NESMBA northern league in order to take part in the ESMBA national Inter County Competition (ICC) and at this point the 3 teams were re-named as Premier, A and B.