(page contents last reviewed 23/8/21)The Galtres Centre – Easingwold
North Yorkshire’s home venue where IC games have been played for the last 30 years

We select and manage three teams to play against other county teams across the North of England.
The teams for all matches are made up of 20 players who compete as 2 Singles, 2 Pairs, 2 Triples and 2 Fours.

See GALLERY – 3  for photos of all teams (from 2008)

THE FIRST TEAM (now known as the C team)
In 1992 the first team was launched. They played for many years in Division 2 of NESMBA IC league but with little success.
In 2003 they finally topped this Division to gain promotion into Division 1 which they eventually won in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
The decision was then taken to leave the NESMBA league and join the ESMBA national ICC where they were placed in the Premier Division. However, this proved to be a “bridge too far” and for the next 3 seasons they were generally outplayed only winning 3 games and losing 17.
For 2015/16 they were dropped down into the ‘A’ division which was more their standard, winning 6 out of 8 games and reaching the National semi-finals.
2016/17, saw them winning all 10 of their games to become the National ‘A’ team Champions.  They also won the ‘A’ team Rinks – a new competition introduced by the ESMBA in 2015. This success meant they were put back to the Premier Division where they had 2 seasons of limited success.
Although 2019/20 saw them back again in the ‘A’ Division, the team members had become more and more disenchanted with the ESMBA management of this competition and this together with other factors led to a decision to leave the ICC half way through the season.
From 2020/21 they will rejoin the NESMBA IC league playing in Division 2.

THE SECOND TEAM (now known as the A team)
Launched in 2007 and they have proved to be one of the strongest teams in Division 2 being promoted on several occasions (2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017) only to be outplayed in Division 1 and then relegated the following year.
In 2019/20 they were unsuccessful in their bid to gain another chance of promotion and thus remain in Division 2 for 2020/21.

THE THIRD TEAM (now known as the B team)
Launched in 2013 they had a good first season winning 5 of their 8 games. However, since then they have generally struggled only winning a single game each season. However, they have gradually grown in strength and in 2019/20 had their best season ever, winning 7 or their 10 games and gaining promotion at long last.


The original “uniform” for the team consisted of a navy blue blazer over a white collared shirt and county tie (bows for the ladies).

Following national trends, an open necked strip was adopted in 2010 initially  by the Premier team only. For a while the A and B teams continued to play in traditional dress but they followed suit and adopted the strip in 2012. Since then players in all 3 county teams are expected to play in county shirts which are obtainable directly from our supplier (Zapkam). Over jackets can also be purchased,