Premier Team (fixture 3)

Last year we started the season by clocking up a narrow victory over the mighty (and vociferous) West Midlands Premier team on their home turf (remember that?). However, that did not stop them from going on to take their 3rd consecutive ICC title. Their second (quieter) team also secured last year’s A team title and it was the latter that we were up against on Sunday at home. Our strong team included a first appreance this year by David Newsome who secured 2 Singles wins and a welcome return of ex-England international Danny Langdon. Partnered in the Pairs with  the ‘king of cool’, Steve Duffin, wins of 20-7 and 31-7 were recorded and with the other Pair of Francis and Rodders also performing well, the Pairs discipline ended with 10 points and a massive +70 shots. The Triples were also undefeated whilst the Fours, in spite of 2 narrow defeats, secured their bonus points as well. The whole team can feel well pleased with the final 33-7 (+153 shots) victory. Next week it is off to Brick Kiln Lane to do it all again (hopefully).