Northern Championships – Singles & Fours

The Championships went ahead in the knowledge that the government had not yet officially advised that sports gatherings should be called off (as an anti-corovirus precaution).  Durham however had decided that their players would not attend resulting in several groups in the round robin phases being reduced to just 3 teams. Consequently some participants unfortunately therefore only had 2 games.

FOURS: With 7 places, our chances off success looked high but things did not initially go well with 5 of our teams eliminated before the knockout phases. However, Dave Newsome, Jane Rudd, Francis Boatman and Neil Flynn had a great start by winning all 3 of their round robin games before annihilating Stockport with a 26-0 win in the last 16. This was followed by wins against Derbyshire (7-4) and Humberside (14-6) to reach the Final. Meanwhile, last year’s runners up, Rose Haynes, Les Lambert, Matthew Jackson and Paul Whitcombe also had a good start winning both their round robin games (with a bye against Durham) before defeating West Yorkshire (11-1), Stockport (9-6) and Staffordshire (8-6) to set up an all North Yorkshire Final. Rose and Francis had contested the Final (although with different team members) back in 2013 but did either of them remember this?  The result then was an 11-2 victory for Rose and this time her team, after a keenly fought game, came out winners once again by 9-4.

SINGLES: Although they each lost one of their round robin games, 3 of our 5 finalists went through to the knockouts. Steve Duffin immediately found himself drawn against last years champion Adam Lamb from Staffordshire but undaunted, saw him off with a 11-6 win. However he then found himself drawn against West Yorkshire’s Royston Lewis, a 3 times former champion and this proved to be his downfall after a 2-11 defeat. David Brown was drawn to play Derbyshire’s Ivan Lunn, who had won the Singles twice before. A closely fought battle was won 8-7 after David drew a great final wood to the ditch line to secure victory. Another close match followed against Humberside’s Josh Burrow but this proved to be his final game after a 6-8 defeat. Danny Langdon meanwhile sailed through the knockouts with wins over Humberside (13-3), Stockport (11-8) and the afore mentioned Royston (9-2) to reach the Final. Here he played Kevin Siddle, a finalist twice before but never a winner. Danny’s  relentless and accurate drawing put Kevin into attack mode but few of his weighted woods got a result. Danny finally won the match 14-5 with an end to spare to regain the trophy he first won 3 years ago.