ManCom announce “virtual” AGM

Today, the Management Committee have issued the following bulletin to all Clubs

These are unprecedented and unsettling times. We are all in unfamiliar territory with everything we have been used to, either closed, cancelled or postponed. No bowls now for many months – who could have expected that when we were playing in our last match/game/rollup a fortnight or so ago. Anyway, “it is what it is” and we have to try and make the best of it. We do hope you and all your members are keeping your distance etc etc etc, avoiding the dreaded lurgy and finding plenty to fill your day.

On March 17th, we announced that our own AGM (April 24th) was to be postponed. Since then, after a re-think we have now agreed that we would rather try to go ahead somehow rather than wait for some unknown date in the future. We are therefore all agreed that this calls for unprecedented action and we would like to attempt to hold a “virtual” AGM. We will not try to use any of the fancy APPS that are available but simply use email to conduct what is necessary.

To this end we have agreed to start off proceedings by sending all Clubs the attached Rules/Timetable.

AGM 2020 – Rules &Timetable for virtual meeting

This should clarify things a little but if you have any questions please contact our Secretary (Roger Green).

Most of you do not usually attend a “normal” AGM and so probably will not want to participate in this experiment. That is not a problem. But with the help and co-operation of the dozen or so clubs who usually do attend we think the idea is feasible and that we should be able to at least complete the annual business of re-electing the committee and considering proposals and maybe more.

Are you up for it? We hope so. The next 3 weeks will prove whether or not the idea is impractical. We shall see.