County Practice Day

Although this day was open to any of our members it was attended predominately by those who had played in the 3 county teams last year – 51 in total. A change in format from previous years saw everyone taking part in 3 different  “competitions”. In the first of these, players took part in 6 different “exercises” each of which tested different skills. Each exercise was performed twice using 2 woods and with success rewarded by 1 point per wood bowled a maximum of 24 points was possible. Everyone then took part in the “North Duffield Nobble” in which players could score up to 5 points per end. Finally, after lunch players were randomly drawn into Fours for a “drive” and had 3 mini matches of 4 ends each scoring according to the shots scored by their teams.

At the end of the day (which concluded around 2.45) the points from all 3 competitions were added together and the top 3 players were given a small cash prize (+ scratch card).The overall winner was Daniel Agar with Pat Lawry and Pat Beardsley in 2nd and 3rd places.

The new format was well received and feedback indicated the day was useful and enjoyed by all.