The NYSMBA has been closely following the advice being given by the government to help reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our NHS. Unfortunately, it is clear that the worst is yet to come and that it is everyone’s collective responsibility to follow the government’s lead and the advice being given. Their latest advice now includes recommendations that everyone, particularly those over 70 should “take steps to reduce the social interaction between people”  and in particular to…..

“Avoid large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars.”

“Avoid gatherings with friends and family.”

All members should continue to pay heed to the oft repeated advice regarding regular hand-washing, the use of tissues and the need to “self-isolate” should they be unfortunate enough to develop symptoms.

We recommend the following site which contains all the latest guidelines and is a gateway to a wealth of information on all aspect of the situation. It is updated daily.


Our recommendation is that all Club and League Secretaries urgently consider their own situations in the light of the government advice and take whatever action they see as appropriate in their areas of responsibility that are consistent with government advice. Also bear in mind that 75% of our members are over 65 – the proportion may well be higher within your own club. Note that some of our clubs have already shut down and some leagues have postponed any outstanding matches and postponed their AGMs.

For our own part we are sorry that all those who qualified for the National Championships must now wait to see when they will be rearranged by the ESMBA. We know these are regarded as the climax to your season.

It has been decided that our own AGM scheduled for April 24th will now be postponed and further communications regarding this will follow in early April. In the meantime any nominations for office or proposals for inclusion on the agenda must still be submitted to the Secretary by the deadline of March 27th.

NYSMBA Management Committee (March 17th)