Christmas message from our Chairman


Our Chairman Joseph Newsome, has sent the following message out to all club contacts:

Please may I take this opportunity on behalf of the NYSMBA and myself, to wish you, your members and their families all the very best for Christmas, the holiday season and the New Year – 2021. 

2020 has, as many have called it, been an unprecedented year; one of which the majority if not all of us have never witnessed before. During the lockdown and working from home I have tried to partake in a walk every day, I would like to share the walking experience of 1 day with you – 

“This particular morning it seemed a lot darker than usual, this was due to the fog/mist. Because of visibility I decided to contain my walk within the main parts of the village. However, certain occurrences on this walk got me thinking. Due to these circumstances, the security lights came on at almost every house or drive that I walked past – I think an impact of the increased darkness. I observed vehicles coming towards me and the way their lights pierced the fog, forging the way ahead. The sun rising and forcing the darkness and the fog to lift. Light overcoming the darkness. We may be in dark times right now but the light is there and will pull us through. This light may take many different forms for different people but it remains to be there. Together we can get through this, shout up if you need a light, there’s enough to go round and if you are someone’s light, continue to be that light. We may be apart right now but we are never alone.” 

We live in a world where we are seeing increasing homelessness and loneliness partially down to isolation and being an additional consequence of the pandemic. Even though I’m working at home, I deal with this on a daily basis, every case individual but with a unique person at its heart.

We are looking to what is likely to be a very different Christmas. However you choose to, or are able to celebrate, I hope you will have an enjoyable time. Short mat bowls, although in very little supply this year, is the link that joins us all, despite the problems that we may be going through at home, work and within families. Playing bowls as little as once a week, sharing a joke, a smile or a chat with other players or team mates may have been the highlight of someone’s week. Hopefully this will soon return with the momentum of one or numerous vaccines gathering pace.   

Across the world, individuals, groups and countries are being persecuted, alienated and ostracized for their race, belief, gender, sexuality, disability and social status. But the world in some respects has come together – a possible positive of the pandemic. This could be witnessed in the clapping for the NHS and the exceptional band of key workers; who have continued to work throughout the pandemic. I am not going to list them all, but thank them in their entirety for everything they have done. Short mat bowls when allowable is an encompassing activity welcoming everyone regardless of who they are. Equality and diversity is a strong quality within Short mat bowls, one of which I am exceptionally proud. This sport is a rare one that offers mixed leagues for anyone from 8 to 108 years old, sometimes younger, sometimes older. I hope we are soon all able to meet up once again and enjoy the sport we love. 

May this holiday season be all that you and yours want it to be and need it to be, however you are able to celebrate. May the New Year ahead bring you all health and happiness in everything you do. Here’s to future seasons ahead. 

Happy Christmas and all the very best to you all for the year ahead, from and on behalf of the NYSMBA.