Championships – Singles and Fours results

SINGLES – Saturday January 4th

The 45 entrants were drawn into 11 groups (10×4 and 1×5) for the Round Robin which was played over 6 sessions using 12 mats. All group winners plus the “next best” 5 then played in the first KO round with the winners contesting the Q Finals.These produced the following results.

Lee Toleman v Cameron Breeze (10-6)
Dave Hunton v Steve Duffin (12-7)
David Newsome v David Brown (10-5)
Bronagh Toleman v Danny Langdon (13-11)

The Semis were then won by Lee Toleman who overcame Bronagh Toleman (9-2) and David Newsome who beat Dave Hunton (18-4). Dave then went on to defeat Lee by 8-5 in the Final, thus becoming the Singles Champion for the third consecutive year.

All games were 10 ends. The Umpires for the day were Tim Pearson and Rose Haynes and the day ended on schedule at  4.30pm.

David Newsome – SINGLES Champion
(with Joseph Newsome – Chairman)
Lee Toleman – SINGLES Runner Up
(with Joseph Newsome – Chairman)

FOURS – Sunday January 5th

There were 18 entries and these initially played in 4 groups (2×4 and 2×5). This resulted in the elimination of 10 entries with the group winners and “next best” 4 going straight into the QFinals the results of which were as follows.

Lee & Bronagh Toleman, Danny Langdon and Lawrence Moffat v Mick & Anne Ridge, Mike Carter and Peter Richardson (11-2)
Francis Boatman, Neil Flynn, Jane Rudd and David Newsome v Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis, Allan Meek and Sue Pittham (11-1)
Joseph & Jill Newsome, Daniel Agar and James Clark v Rod Dawson, Paul Johnson, Peter Jensen and Roger Green (10-5)
Rose Haynes, Les Lambert, Matthew Jackson and Paul Whitcombe v Robert Mumford, Derek & Pat Beardsley and Jean Jones (10-2)

Both Semis went into an extra end with Francis’ Four beating Joseph’s (5-4) and Lee and Co. overcoming Rose’s team (9-5)

In the Final, the England players showed their class packing the head with their woods giving Francis little opportunity to recover and finally winning 10-2 to regain the title they lost last year.

All games were 7 ends. The Umpire for the day was Richard Good and the day ended 2 hours later than scheduled at  6.15pm

FOURS Champions
Danny Langdon Lawrence Moffat
Bronagh & Lee Toleman

FOURS RunnersUp
Jane Rudd Francis Boatman
David Newsome Neil Flynn