Championships – Pairs & Triples results

Saturday November 30th: The 35 Pairs entries played in 8 groups (3×5 + 5×4) with the group winners automatically qualifying along with the next best 8  After the first KO round, 8 pairs remained for the QFinals. In these there were wins for…

David & Joseph Newsome v Rod Dawson and Norman Clarkson (10-4)
Lawrence Moffat and Danny Langdon v Lee & Bronagh Toleman (9-3)
Francis Boatman and Steve Duffin v Chris Prendergast and Guy Bedford (7-6)
Daniel Agar and James Clark v Dave Herbert and Dave Edwards (7-6)

The Semis were won by Francis and Steve who overcame Daniel and James (12-3) whilst David and Joseph defeated Lawrence and Danny (10-5).

A closely fought Final eventually saw the Newsomes lose 7-9 thus giving Francis and Steve their second Pairs title (the first being 5 years ago).

All games were 9 ends. The Umpire for the day was Richard Good and the day ended on schedule just after 4pm

Dave, Francis, Steve and Joseph

Sunday December 1st: There were 26 Triples entries initially playing in 6 groups (2×5 + 4×4). The group winners and the next best 10 made up the last 16 who played in the first KO round, the winners of which played in the QFinals. In these there were wins for…

Robert Mumford and Derek & Pat Beardsley v Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis and Allan Meek (10-8)
Lee & Bronagh Toleman and Lawrence Moffat v Francis Boatman, Neil Flynn and Steve Duffin (9-5)
Danny Langdon, James Clark and Daniel Agar v Roger & Dianne Ellis and Sam Stacey (14-8)
Rose Haynes, Matthew Jackson and Keith Hughes v Norman Clarkson and Freddy & Gill Alnutt (18-2)

In the Semis, Robert and Co. were overwhelmed by Lee, Bronagh and Lawrence (1-17) whilst Danny, James and Daniel saw off the challenge from Rose and Co. (8-5)

The Final match thus contained 6 England players (although James and Danny are currently not in the squads). A high quality match ensued but Lee and Co. were not going to let victory escape them as happened in last years Final and eventually won by 10-3, thus regaining the title won 2 years ago. (This is in fact Bronagh’s 4th Triples title having won previously in 2011, 2012 and 2018).

All games were 8 ends. The umpire for the day was Richard Good and the day ended a 5.15pm – an hour behind schedule.





Daniel, James and Danny       Lee, Bronagh and Lawrence