BSA ‘Richard Lund’ Triples

The BSA clubs open triples has been running annually since the year 2000 and was renamed in 2014 in memory of club member Richard. In this, its 20th year, 20 entrants enjoyed 4 games each playing in alternate 45 minute sessions using 5 mats at the clubs Ryedale IBC venue.

At the end of the day, there were only 2 teams who were undefeated ending on 8 points each. Based on shot difference therefore the winners were Bronagh & Lee Toleman and Peter Jensen (+60) with Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis and Tim Jackson as runners-up  (+36).

RL Triples Results 2020

The competition was particularly notable as it heralded the appearance of Lilly Duffin who at 8 years old is probably the youngest player ever to have competed in the county. Belonging to a club (North Duffield) which has always actively encouraged juniors and with a father who is a stalwart of the county premier team, her future looks promising (Junior Champion 2030??).

All photos pictured with Julie Lund

Bronagh Lee and Peter Lilly Duffin – future star Arthur Dennis and Tim