British Isles Championships 2019

All those inclined to follow the fortunes of the English National team will already be aware that last weekend saw this years British Isles Championships taking place in Aberdeen. This annual contest sees teams from the 4 home nations pitted against one another in both a Team event (4 Rinks) and Individual events in all 4 disciplines. The contest is at 2 levels – Premier and A.

North Yorkshire players Bronagh Toleman, Lawrence Moffat and Lee Toleman were all selected to play in the Premier Rinks team event in which each team of 16 has 2 matches against each of the other 3 nations. England lost both matches against Ireland (-19 and -26) and Wales (-4 and -1) but won both against Scotland (+23 and +11).

Final positions were 1st – Ireland; 2nd – Scotland; 3rd – England, 4th Scotland.

The England representatives in the Individual contests are the winners of the previous years English Nationals. This year the Four was from West Midlands, the Triple from Norfolk and the Pair from Cheshire. The National Singles winner from Devon had withdrawn so team manager Brandon Whittaker offered the opportunity to Bronagh which of course she happily accepted. This involved a single match against each of the other 3 Nations top Singles players. Bronagh performed well to secure victories over Wales (17-16) and Scotland (17-10) but defeat at the hands of Ireland (11-18) giving her 2nd place overall.

Bronagh Toleman

British Isle No2

Bronagh, Lee and Lawrence in action

Focus and concentration personified