B team (fixtures 6 & 7)

The weekend of December 14th/15th December saw the team playing 2 consecutive home matches. The first of these, against the Humberside B team, resulted in a decisive 30-10 (231-130 shots) win. The Singles and Pairs were undefeated so clocked up the maximum of 10 points each. Although the Triples and Fours each only scored 1 win and 1 draw, both were able to claim their bonus (aggregate) points by a narrow margin (Triples 42-41 and Fours 35-33).

The following day it was the turn of Stockport B against whom it was the Triples and Fours who ended undefeated (10 points apiece) whilst the Singles and Pairs added a further 6 points. Final result 26-14 (195-152 shots).

These two excellent results now put the team in a strong position at top of the Division 2 table, 32 points clear of second placed West Yorkshire B (who have a game in hand). With only 3  games remaining can the team keep up their momentum for an historic end to the season? The next home game against Durhan will be critical as the final 2 games will be away.