A Christmas Message

To all NYSMBA Club Secretaries and Club members

Once again the year motors on bringing with it questions and changes, as we move closer to Christmas and the New Year ahead. My apologies if you feel this communication is too early but I am writing now in the hope that you will have time to share it with your members, prior to any holiday closures your club may be observing.

Please may I take this opportunity on behalf of the NYSMBA and myself, to wish you, your members and their families all the very best for Christmas, the holiday season and the New Year – 2020.

Short mat bowls in North Yorkshire continues to be an enjoyment for all with a lot of games having already taken place. I wish to thank the present and previous committee members for all the work they have done on behalf of the NYSMBA throughout 2019. Committee members are volunteers who work around the clock, sometimes unsociable hours to deliver a great service to the clubs and the members of the NYSMBA. Dealing with problems as they occur, working hard to deliver positive outcomes whilst striving to develop and promote short mat bowls for all to enjoy.

Thank you also to you and the officers of your club and local leagues for all the fantastic work that you do.

I am proud and passionate to serve as the Chairman of the NYSMBA. I continue to meet new people and make new friends throughout the county, something which gives me great delight and is the best part of the job. Seeing everyone collectively enjoying the sport that we love, forging friendships and enjoying a competitive game.

In June I began my third year in office with the ESMBA as their Umpire Director. This role continues to bring its problems and challenges. Solving these problems and working alongside the ESMBA committee, I feel has helped me become the Chairman I am and has developed my knowledge and skills to work within and lead the NYSMBA.

Throughout the world we continue to see homelessness and loneliness on the rise. In my working life I deal with this on a daily basis, every case being different but with a unique individual at its heart. Being part of the NYSMBA helps me to switch off from work and other world dilemmas and politics. Again we are looking to another Christmas not knowing the real outcome of Brexit and this year with a general election looming with no one able to predict the outcome. Short mat bowls is the link that joins us all, despite the problems that we may be going through at home, work and within families. Playing bowls as little as once a week, sharing a joke, a smile or a chat with other players or team mates could be the highlight of someone’s week. This should be embraced and built upon, something which is a great foundation in the NYSMBA. It’s this ethic and the people within it that makes North Yorkshire SMBA such a fantastic association to be a part of and an extreme pleasure to manage. Witnessing the comradery and friendship of those within our association and the reactions of those who visit it is testament to it.

Across the world individuals, groups and countries are being persecuted, alienated and ostracised for their race, belief, gender, sexuality, disability and social status. Short mat bowls continues to be an encompassing activity welcoming everyone regardless of who they are. Equality and diversity is a strong quality within the NYSMBA, one of which I am exceptionally proud and will continue to promote further across the association and its membership. This sport is a rare one that offers mixed leagues for anyone from 8 to 108 years old, sometimes younger, sometimes older.

May this holiday season be all that you and yours want it to be and need it to be. May the New Year ahead bring you all health and happiness in everything you do. Here’s to future seasons ahead.

Happy Christmas and all the very best to you all, from and on behalf of the NYSMBA

NYSMBA Chairman, Joseph Newsome.