B team – final fixture

With a very convincing win over West Yorkshire B by 32-8, the team finished their most succesful season so far ending 3rd in Division 2 just 3 points short of Durham. An even better final result should have been possible but for two reasons. Firstly, their first match was cancelled through no fault of their own when the opposition (West Yorkshire B) failed to raise a full team and cancelled. The NESMBA rules meant they had to settle for just 10 points when, considering the result of this final game, a bigger score now looks more than likely. Second, looking back over the season, the disastrous home result against Derbyshire must take some of the blame. To lose 3-37 at home when they had already managed 18 points away now seems incredible. Nevertheless the team can feel well pleased with their final spell of 5 wins in 6 matches.