Started in 2003 Started in 2004 Started in 2008 Started in 2018
2021 No Championships held due to Covid-19 restrictions
2019 U18 winner D Agar and runner up M Guise D Newsome (with J Newsome) D Langdon and B Toleman P Williamso D Herbert D Edwards S Duffin J Rudd N Flynn F Boatman The Newsomes and L Tranmer (with R Mumford) P Whitcombe R Haynes
2018 DAgar with Chairman J Newsome D Newsome and B Toleman (with J Newsome) L Toleman and D Langdon L & B Toleman and L Moffat B Tolema D Langdon L Toleman L Moffat The Newsomes and L Tranmer (with A Jackson) A & G Whitehead (with J Newsome)
2017 J Simpson (r-up) with D Agar D Langdon with r-up B Toleman L & B Toleman G Whitehead L Tranmer A Whitehead S Holtby R Haynes M Holtby L Lambert B & L Toleman J Perry D Langdon
2016 J Trigg (with Chairman P Jones) D Langdon and F Boatman (with P Jones) B Render and D Langdon D Langdon J Rudd B Render D Newsome R Ellis D Langdon J Clark D Jarvis D Sorley S Pittham A Jackson
2015 C Breeze and D Langdon (with Chairman P Jones) D Langdon and r-up J Clark (with P Jones) S Duffin and F Boatman G & J & E Townend B Render E Burrows J Trigg J Rudd The Newsomes & L Tranmer
2014 D Langdon anf J Smith (with Chairman P Jones) B Render and S Conroy (with J Newsome) R Haynes and S Holtby (with P Jones) R Green R Haynes S Holtby (with P Jones) R Green R Haynes M & S Holtby (with J Newsome) G & J Townend J Rudd B Render
2013 M Holtby and D Langdon (with Chairman P Jones) B Render (with P Jones) S Conroy and J Newsome (with P Jones) B Render J Rudd S Conroy B Render S Conroy J Rudd D Newsome D & J Newsome C & J Clark
2012 J Potter and J Clark (with Chairman P Jones) B Malone (with P Jones) S Conroy and B Malone (with P Jones) B Malone B Render S Conroy S Conroy B Malone J Senior J Rudd (with P Jones) The Newsomes and C Clark
2011 M Jackson (with Chairman N Clark) S Conroy and r-up D Newsome P Williamson and S Holtby (with N Clark) S Conroy J Senior B Malone R Green R Haynes P Williamson S Holtby (with N Clark) B Render B Malone R Rudd S Conroy
2010 N Kotek (with J Bunting & N Clark) N Kotek (and J Bunting) B Malone and T Hanlon (with N Clark) The Newsomes M Barnsley N Kotek C&J Clark G Whitehead L Tranmer A Whitehead G Dye
2009 D Newsome (with Chairman N Clark) G Whitehead (with N Clark) J Coffet and R Lund G Townend R Haynes R Green R lochman J Newsome B Render D Newsome The Newsomes and M Jackson
2008 B Render (with Chairman N Clark) G Townend (with J Bunting) A Banthorpe and B Foster G & AWhitehead G Dye G Dye A&G Whitehead R Green G Clark H Thomas L & P Bradley
2007 A Robinson (with G Townend D Newsom anf J Townend) G Townend and r-up M Ridge A & G Whitehead (with N Clark) B & J Crossland G Sherburn D Williams A Banthorpe D Brown B Simmonite
2006 G Townend (with N Clark) S Holtby (with N Clark) D Jarvis and R Clark (with N Clark) The Newsomes (with N Clark) B Higgs M & H Bonas B Flinton
2005 R Powell with R-Up B Render F Wood P Williamson and R Green C Raper J & N Clark N & J Clark J Newsome C Raper
2004 F Boatman with r-up G Townend R Haynes R Clark and D Jarvis (with N Clark) A Barningham G & L Sherburn R Green P Elgie S Holtby R Haynes
T Mix with r-up F Boatmen (anf N Clark)