NATIONALS – U18s – a good day for Daniel

Finding himself in the toughest group, it was always going to be a difficult day for Daniel. He had a very close first game against Ryan Fox from Norfolk just losing out by 4 after a brilliant last wood from Ryan (the eventual champion) . In his second match Daniel was up against old rival Callum Goodman of Hampshire. In several meetings, Callum had always been the victor, however on this occasion the result was a draw. Daniel then went on to play Bennie Bass but could not pull it out of the bag against the eventual runner up. So it was that all four from the group proceeded through the knockouts and found themselves together again in the main final and the plate final – such was the quality in the group. And Daniel found himself once more up against Callum in the plate. After an impressive show of skill from both players, Daniel lost out 10-9 after a last wood which could have been kinder. Again , a great performance from our Junior champ both in skill, temperament and manners.
(Report courtesy Jill Newsome)