CONSTITUTIONThe original Constitution was created upon the formation of the Association in 1991. A complete overhaul took place in 2001/02 since when there have been regular revisions. Proposals for change can only be agreed at a General meeting. For the current  version see ConstitutionVersion13 This includes details of all revisions to date and also a list of the 3 appointed trustees.

POLICY REGISTERThe Policy Register is the overall name given to additional documents that have been written over the years to supplement the Constitution. In general these determine how the Association is run and the standards that have been agreed. They do not form part of the Constitution and are generally to be regarded as sensible guidelines only. All these documents may be updated in the light of experience but any significant changes can only made after discussion and agreement by the Management Committee. Proposals for changes from clubs or individuals can be submitted to the Secretary for consideration. Proposals to change the DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE must be referred to the AGM for agreement.

 The Register includes the following (as at January 2019)

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE PR Disciplinary procedures
DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE Report form PR Disciplinary Procedure – Report Form
DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE Decision form PR Disciplinary Procedure – Decision Form
COMPETITION standards PR Competitions Standards
COMPETITION substitution policy PR Substitution policy
FEES AND CHARGES PR Fees and charges
SAFEGUARDING STATEMENT PR Safeguarding1 – Statement
SAFEGUARDING (Constitution amendment) PR Safeguarding2 – Constitution amendment
SAFEGUARDING SO’s and DBS PR Safeguarding3 – SO and DBS
SAFEGUARDING Parent/Carers Consent Form PR Safeguarding5 – PCF

Other documents define the format/layout of the annual accounts and the format of the membership database. There are also job statements defined for all Officers defining their tasks and responsibilities.