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This page contains details of all NYSMBA general meetings since 2003.

With effect from July 2011, details of Management Committee (ManCom) meetings are also available.

All minutes may be viewed by selecting the appropriate link below. 

Copies of any General Meetings are sent out to all club Secretaries very soon after the meetings take place.

Copies of ManCom meetings are not distributed to clubs and are only available on this site.

From 2014, the minutes of the NESMBA AGM and ESMBA AGM are also usually included


47th Committee 12/9/03 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
48th Committee 6/2/04 Tanglewood Read minutes
13th AGM 19/4/04 Easingwold Read minutes
49th Committee 10/9/04 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
50th Committee 4/2/05 Easingwold Read minutes
14th AGM 18/4/05 Easingwold Read minutes
51st Committee 23/9/05 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
52nd Committee 3/2/06 Easingwold Read minutes
15th AGM 28/4/06 Easingwold Read minutes
53rd Committee 22/9/06 Kirbymisperton

Read minutes

54th Committee 9/2/07 Easingwold

Read minutes

16th AGM 27/4/07 Easingwold

Read minutes

EGM & 55th Committee 21/9/07 Kirbymisperton

Read minutes

56th Committee 1/2/08 Easingwold

Read Minutes

17th AGM 29/4/08 Easingwold

Read Minutes

57th Committee 26/9/08 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
58th Committee 6/2/09 Easingwold Read minutes
18th AGM 24/4/09 Easingwold Read minutes
59th Committee 25/9/09 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
60th Committee 5/2/10 Easingwold Read Minutes
19th AGM 23/4/10 Easingwold Read minutes
61st Committee 17/9/10 Kirbymisperton Read minutes
62nd Committee 4/2/11 Easingwold Read minutes
20th AGM 29/4/11 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom1 19/7/11 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom2 25/10/11 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom3 27/11/11 Easingwold Read Minutes
ManCom4 8/1/12 Swinton Read Minutes
ManCom5 17/4/12 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
21st AGM 4/5/12 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom6 12/6/12 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom7 9/10/12 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom8 15/12/12 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom9 26/1/12 Galtres Read Minutes
ManCom10 12/4/13 North Duffield Read Minutes
22nd AGM 19/4/13 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom11 9/7/13 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom12 8/10/13 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom13 21/1/14 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom14 10/2/14 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom15 14/4/14 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
23rd AGM 2/5/14 Easingwold Read minutes
NESMBA AGM 15/6/14 Leeds Read minutes
ManCom16 8/7/14 North Duffield Read minutes
ESMBA AGM (notes) 12/7/14 Northampton IBC Read Notes
ManCom17 11/9/14 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom18 2/2/15 North Duffield Read minutes
MANCom19 21/4/15 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
24th AGM 1/5/15 Easingwold Read minutes
NESMBA AGM 14/6/15 Leeds Read minutes
ESMBA AGM (notes) 11/7/15 Daventry Read Notes
ManCom20 4/8/15 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom21 6/11/15 North Duffield Read mnutes
ManCom22 12/2/16 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom 23 15/4/16 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
25th AGM 29/4/16 Easingwold Read minutes
EGM 29/4/16 Easingwold Read minutes
NESMBA AGM 12/6/16 Harrogate Read minutes
ESMBA AGM (notes) 16/7/16 Crossroads Hotel Weedon Read notes
ManCom24 11/10/16 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom25 7/2/17 Harrogate Read minutes
ManCom26 4/4/17 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
26th AGM 28/4/17 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom27 13/7/17 North Duffield Read minutes
ManCom28 23/9/17 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom29 26/1/18 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
27th AGM 27/4/18 Easingwold Read minutes
ManCom30 22/5/18 Great Ouseburn Read minutes
ManCom31 tba